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Why is the door condition vital to security?

If the door is damaged or made of hollow materials, you can kiss your security goodbye. It can be kicked down easily. It can also be ruined or get misaligned easier and the door locks won't secure the house properly. You need sturdy materials.

How do I avoid burglaries?

Burglaries are avoided when you take good precaution measures. This includes having the home window and door locks replaced periodically and make sure they are locked at all times. Don't leave the keys exposed and install multiple security systems. Your goal is to discourage perpetrators.

When do car locks need changing?

They should be changed if they are worn, greatly damaged, broken or outdated. If you buy a used vehicle, changing the locks can make it more secure.

Are combination safes actually safe from disasters?

Almost always yes. High quality safes offer burglary protection, fire resistance and high-impact resistance which vary depending on the make and model. The highest protection models can be more expensive, however. Give our experts a call if you're considering purchasing a safe. We know safes well and can recommend the model and type that is best for you and your budget.

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