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How much do you know about your locks and how to deal with their problems? Get expert tips here

Deal with lock and key problems immediately

Don't postpone lock repair to another day. Call our professionals the minute you notice a door doesn't lock. If you suspect that a key doesn't turn well, don't wait till it won't fit in the door locks at all. Replace it today. Today, it might be a small problem but tomorrow problems might lock you out.

Don't leave doors and windows open

Avoid leaving doors unlocked and windows open even if you're sitting in the same room and especially if you're on the ground floor. Burglars do not hesitate to get into houses even in broad daylight. They will get a chance to enter when you will step out for a minute. Keep them all locked

Rekey locks when you move

Lock rekey is extremely important. When you move to a new house or office, you can never be sure how many people might still hold the keys of your new property and what their intentions might be. So, take security precautions and have the locks rekeyed at once. If they are old, have the locks replaced.

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